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In 1962 François Spoerry - an architect from the Alsace region - discovered a swamp land in the Bay of Saint Tropez where the insufficient depth of the water did not allow for safe navigation, where no sensible real estate promoter would adventure and where locals hunted wild duck ! 

Three years of administrative procedures were necessary in order to obtain the building permission signed on the 14th June 1966. After numerous technical difficulties, the foundations were laid, bridges built, canals excavated, and the sea flowed in to give Port Grimaud its definitive and original character. 

24’000 tons of granit were used in the creation of the jetty. The excavated earth and rock created islands on which todays houses were built. Not one of the 2’000 houses is the same, each colour, each façade, each shutter, each railing is catalogued and allows the original design scheme to be totally respected when renovations take place. 

In 2002 Port Grimaud was classified as a historical monument of the 20th century.


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